Indian Chief Red Shirt from the Buffalo Bill Show


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This is an Oil on Canvas painting of Indian Chief Red Shirt, From Buffalo Bill Wild West Show; Signed by the Artist.
(Oglala Lakota: Ógle Lúta in Standard Lakota Orthography)(a/k/a "Ogilasa" and "Joseph Red Shirt")(1847-January 4, 1925) was an Oglala Lakota chief, warrior and statesman. Red Shirt is notable in American history as a U.S. Army Native Scout and a progressive Oglala Lakota leader who promoted friendly associations with whites and education for his people. Red Shirt opposed Crazy Horse during the Great Sioux War of 1876-1877 and the Ghost Dance Movement of 1890, and was a Lakota delegate to Washington in 1880. Red Shirt was one of the first Wild Westers with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and a supporter of the Carlisle Native Industrial School. Red Shirt became an international celebrity Wild Westing with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and his 1887 appearance in England captured the attention of Europeans and presented a progressive image of Native Americans.